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The Perfect Man and The Perfect Relationship

The Perfect Man and The Perfect Relationship

Sitting in my bed on a late Saturday morning thinking about people and relationships. How we all go through some terrible ones and great ones, and they all become learning lessons. I'm the type of person who loves the idea of love and being in love. It's one of the things I greatly want out of life, and I'm sure that almost everyone wants out of life. To be loved and to give love. But, finding that one perfect person to love can be a difficult feat. We all want the guy that checks off every box on our list: handsome, polite, funny, tall, religious, intelligent, chivalrous, loves his parents, likes animals, a good conversationalist. My list can go on and on. But, we've got to ask ourselves does perfection really exist? Many of us women like to think that we are perfect, therefore our man should be perfect, but reality is that perfection is relative, subjective and quite frankly, doesn't exist.  And I think that's my biggest issue with my view on relationships; I expect everything to be perfect, and when I see a flaw in the person or situation, I bolt, as fast as I can. Now, as I've grown older I've realized that you can't bolt when things get tough, because relationships are not and never will be easy. They're basically a full-time job, and you need to nurture and care for them or things will go array.

I've also come to terms with the fact that although the perfect man doesn't exist, there's a man who is perfect for you out there somewhere. Now this man may not check off ever box on your list, but he should check off the most important ones, like ones that reflect his character and morals. But superficial things, like looking like a Ken Doll or like he just walked straight off a GQ magazine cover aren't important at the end of the day. If he makes you laugh, treats you with upmost respect, is communicative and houses the same morals you do, don't hesitate to give him a shot at a relationship with you, because it can turn out to be a very beautiful one. There's nothing like really clicking with someone and being on the same wavelength. Cause, let me tell you, that's hard to come by.


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