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The 20 Minute Workout

The 20 Minute Workout

It's pretty hard to find time everyday to fit a workout in. Between working, projects, events and finding time to grab a dinner with your girlfriends, it's almost impossible to even think about exercise. 

Time management is key to balancing out your day and I've found that you can get a great leg workout in just 20 minutes. That's it! Squeeze in 20 minutes in the morning before work or in the evening, before you meet up with your friends. 

Find a set of stairs and a use the stopwatch on your smart phone and that's all the equipment you'll need.

Time each exercise for 1 min. Repeat the round a total of 5 times.

1. Jump Squats : Jump from one stair to the next in an upward motion. Land toe-ball-heel to control yourself and allow for a softer landing.

2. Posterior Leg Lifts : Hold onto the stair railing and take one leg back, keeping your chest upright and your knees straight. (30 sec. on each leg)

3. Uneven Squats: Place one foot on a higher step and the opposite on a lower step. Sit back just like a normal squat. Keep your weight on your heels and your chest up. Switch sides (30 sec. on each leg)

4. Sprints : Sprint up and down the set of stairs at a quick pace.

There you have it. A simple, quick workout that will keep you on right track and fit right into your busy schedule.

Have fun ;)



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