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Staying Healthy While Traveling

My clients often ask me how I stay on top of my health while traveling and staying in unfamiliar settings. Honestly I'm not too strict with my diet while traveling because I believe you should enjoy yourself and what the city or country has to offer. Although I do follow a few simple rules to keep me feeling good and stay on track.

  1.  Get Enough Sleep: When we travel there is always so much going on that we forget to get an adequate amount of sleep. Try and get at least 6-8 hours of sleep to keep your immune system on the defense and you'll feel rejuvenated for the day's events.
  2. Take a Multivitamin: Always travel with a supply of multivitamins to take once a day, along with a vitamin C tablet, to keep yourself from feeling under the weather.

3. Reduce your Portion Sizes: Enjoy the food and taste what ever your heart desires, but reduce your portion sizes so you're not tempted to overeat. At restaurants ask for a smaller plate, split your dish in half and save the rest for later (or share with a friend).

4. Drink Water (and lots of it): Carry a big reusable water bottle, drink and refill it throughout the day. This will keep you from feeling fatigued due to dehydration, especially if you are in a hot climate.

5. Have Fun: Enjoy your trip and take any opportunity to fit a workout in, even if it's walking to your destination instead of taking a cab, and taking opportunities to go hiking on a trail or biking around the city. Be as active as you possibly can.

And that's it! 5 easy steps to keep you healthy and happy while you travel. Wearing a vintage silk robe from my favorite vintage store in D.C.

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