I'm Darlene and welcome to my blog. On here I document my adventures in travel, my style, and fitness/health tips. A lifestyle blog created just for you. Hope you have a nice stay!

First Things First

I've been pondering back and forth as to what I wanted the topic of my first blog post to be about and I finally settled with just simply introducing myself and the content of my blog. I'm a personal trainer/fitness expert and obtained a bachelors degree in kinesiology, as well as being a dancer for most of my life. This is an all encompassing blog where I plan to post about fitness, women's health, and fashion. A place for me and you to share ideas, advice and passion. And what better way to do it than blogging about it right? Questions that all of us young women have about dieting, fitness, lifestyle choices, body image and personal style, I'll cover it here. I'm excited for all the topics I have in store for you.



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